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Issue 231:

Middle School Music

Jul 4, 2011

Issue 232:

Fortunes and Dreams

Jul 11, 2011

Issue 233:

Took Her Long Enough...

Jul 18, 2011

Issue 234:


Jul 26, 2011

Issue 235:


Aug 1, 2011

Issue 236:

Under the Bus

Aug 9, 2011

Issue 237:

People Insurance

Aug 15, 2011

Everyone send mad congrats to Jennifer! She's now a married gal:-D Also, mad props to her for doing such an amazing job on this week's issue. Much love, Jen. So happy for you! - Emily

Issue 238:


Aug 22, 2011

Issue 239:

Furniture Upgrade

Sep 12, 2011

Thank you SO much to everyone who has donated so far. You're helping a ton. Things are by no means back to normal for me OR Jennifer, but this issue is done, so here you go! <3 Emily

Issue 240:


Sep 19, 2011

Thanks again to everyone who has donated. My insurance didn't cover a place for us to stay, and we had to stay at a hotel for a bit. I do freelance design for a living, and I would have had to spend more FIJ time seeking out extra work. I've also had less time to work in general anyway, and I don't get leave when I can't work! It's been rough, but you guys are definitely helping! <3 Emily