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Hurricane Irene Aftermath

Hi everyone--Emily's home was hit by a gigantic tree during Hurricane Irene and it's left the house unlivable for the foreseeable future. This has greatly hurt her financial situation, and any help you might give would be greatly appreciated in the weeks ahead. Thanks to everyone who has helped so far!

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First off, I'd like to wish a happy birthday to Jennifer! She's super awesome, talented, and she works her butt off to keep this comic going:-D It wouldn't be anywhere near as awesome without her.

This week we have a guest comic from some of the folks over at "Dead Future," which is most excellent if you have a hankering for zombies, or you know... brains! I got a huge kick out of it:-D Daniel Palmer did the writing, penciling, and background inking, and Martin Brandt did editing, inking and lettering. They wanted me to let you know that their artwork is a bit different from this, but I recommend that you check it out yourself!


P.S. I'm sorry for the lack of updates. We're working on top secret things over here. As it turns out, top secret things are hard, and take a bunch of time O.o

Issue 242: Left4Jammies!

Issue 242: Left4Jammies!

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  • Irene Aftermath

    Hey Pajamazons. Saturday, just as the wind started picking up due to hurricane Irene, a giant oak tree smashed against the side of our house, ripping off the overhang and gutters, and letting a ton of water pour into our room. We were actually right next to the wall when the tree fell. It was pretty horrible.

    We stayed up the whole night bailing water, drilling holes in the ceiling, repositioning plastic containers, and trying to rig up complex tarp and siphoning systems to no avail. The ceiling, the walls, and the floor all suffered substantial water damage. We could hear trees falling all over our neighborhood, and whenever the wind picked up, the part of the roof the had been torn off would slam into the side of the house, shaking everything. We gave up around 5 in the morning, and managed to get about an hour of sleep before the sun came up, and we ventured outside to see what had become of our house, and our neighborhood.

    Some houses have been completely smashed by trees. Power lines are still down all over the place. Roads are still blocked throughout the community due to fallen trees and flooding. Yesterday, people were walking through the street trying to flag down tree removal services, with the hopes that they could be next in line. Our tree was so tall and massive, they had to bring in a crane to remove it safely. The tree pieces are piled high in the front yard now.

    Only a month ago, my mom had just finished unpacking, and sorting through all of her boxes of belongings from when her house caught fire last year, and a giant tree fell against her house as well. Her insurance company is refusing to authorize any work to be done on the house at this point, so she will most likely suffer mold damage in addition to all of the resulting water damage.

    After the tree was removed, our restoration company came by to tear out carpets, drywall, and insulation, and set up fans and dehumidifiers everywhere. If any of you are in Southern Maryland and experiencing something similar right now, Duraclean is an excellent restoration company. They worked on my momís house for the fire, and theyíre working on her house and mine regarding all of the water, and potential mold damage. Theyíre running around like crazy at the moment, but theyíre doing an amazing job.

    I managed to hold it together through all of it until yesterday evening when I found that my goldfish died. Thatís when I started bawling.

    Today we had a fire scare, and the fire department had to come. Watching them run into the house with fire hoses brought back memories I just wasnít ready to deal with, especially after all that just happened. I sat on the edge of our driveway with my pet turtle and sobbed most of the time. They had to think I was nuts. Everything turned out to be okay though, and they were really nice... again!

    As soon as I know more about how the repairs are going to go, and where weíll be staying in the long term, Iíll let you guys know about the posting schedule.

    I feel a bit weird asking for donations, but if I learned anything from the giant house fire my family and I lived through last year, itís that insurance doesnít cover everything. At the moment, my insurance company isnít covering anything up front, and they wonít say if they will cover a place for us to stay, so Greg and I have crashed in the living room along with all of our belongings for the last two nights (our roommates are awesome). We canít do that for the duration of the repairs though.

    Hugs to all, and thanks for your support,

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  • Bloodtraffick

    Heya Pajamazons! My bud Jen Thym directed a new action film called Bloodtraffick, and the trailer is out now! I'm super excited for her:-D

    Bloodtraffick: Official Trailer from RockGinger on Vimeo.

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  • Going Through a Lot - Literally!

    Greetings Pajamazons. I feel bad. People are asking if Iím okay. Iíll be alright, but these last few weeks have REALLY sucked, and thereís going to be a bit more suckitude in my future. Obviously, Iíve been slacking on the comic, but I havenít even been able to respond to your emails, and even the super awesome folks who have donated. Interacting with you means so much to me, and Iíve done a crap job of showing it. I've barely talked to Jennifer this whole time. Iím very sorry. I WILL catch up, but itís going to take time.

    After nine months since the beginning of the fire, the contractors started wrapping up the final work on my motherís house to the point where she was able to move back in. This means that all of the stuff that had been taken to the fire restoration company could finally be returned.

    For the sake of my familyís privacy, Iím only showing the photos that are more organized, but everything has been a mess. In many cases, many of the rooms had boxes stacked near to the ceiling, and they were almost completely full. There is still another shipment to come sitting in the warehouse until weíve sorted through enough that there will be room for it.

    There were five people living in the house when the fire hit, and our garment restoration company had to mix all of our clothes in the cleaning process. They had to use two trucks to bring it all, and because of the different work/school situations, Greg and I have had to sort it all ourselves. Weíre not sure if the local thrift store charity loves us or hates us at this point, but so far theyíve been pretty pleasant when we show up with a truckload. There have been many truckloads.

    I know things will return to normal at some point. It helps knowing that most of what weíre dealing with is bizarre. My momís cat Buddy seems pretty ecstatic to be back home, and clearly views the giant stacks of boxes as the best cat jungle gym ever.

    Anyway, Iím going to get back to it. I hope to get this show back on the road soon.


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  • Just checking in

    Hey everyone. Jennifer had a family emergency, so there wonít be an issue this week.

    This entire year has been a bit of a bummer what with the house fire, deaths in the family, and so on. Every time I look at the ďTemporary FIJ ScheduleĒ box at the top of the site, I think ďGee! Thatís been there forever! Maybe we should finally take that down,Ē something happens, and I think ďNever mind!Ē Iíve been avoiding posting in the blog out of fear of sounding like a whiny pain in the rear, or giving off the impression that everything is back to normal when it isnít.

    Itís really frustrating, because there are so many bits of story that I wish I could just dive into, but if I donít write this stuff right, some of the best bits to come wonít make any sense. I have an outline of scenes that are going to happen. Very often Iíll think those scenes will only take one or two issues, but then then they into five issues. At one page a week, the majority of stuff that Jennifer and I have done this year has covered maybe a month or so in story time. It gets tricky when I know what is supposed to happen five years in FIJís future.

    You guys are very patient, and awesome!

    See you next week!

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  • September 14th, 2010 Update

    Howdy folks!

    Emily had a last minute family emergency and so the new page will be a teensy bit behind schedule. We thank each and every one of you for your patience and understanding.

    An update on the posting schedule: Emily has had an insane year chock full of adventures and shenanigans. She moved to a new state recently and there are still repercussions from the fire awhile back. And anyone who has had a big move knows that that is no small feat. She and her husband have had a TON on their plates and have been busting their butts to take care of several things at once. This is why the comic has been once a week for the past while. I personally find it to be an amazing feat that Emily has been consistently producing a comic while juggling as much as she does. All the while never losing her sense of humor. She's seriously an awesome lady. And on top of all of that, there are some really cool things in the works. ;)

    We love our fans and our grateful for your support. We never take you for granted. You guys rock!

    Have a great day!

    trying to defeat a computer virus >_<

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